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Sally Trussler, Sports Massage Therapist, Anatomy in Motion Practitioner & Efficiency Running Coach in Bristol

Sally is highly qualified in a number of therapies to help people who are injured or are stuck in a cycle of experiencing chronic pain.

Sally is passionate and determined when it comes to the human body.


Passionate in helping people find the right solutions to help themselves move beyond pain.


Determined to help people understand the fundamentals of human movement. Sally believes this is key to moving well and living beyond continued aches and pains. Sally not only treats you, but educates you on how to listen to your body and put daily practices in place to make long lasting changes.


Sally treats and helps all kinds of active sports people from grass roots to professional athletes. Clients include elite cyclists, runners, swimmers, mums, climbers and dancers. She also does a lot of work with BADTRI members and Southville Running Club who participate in numerous triathlons and running events throughout the UK and abroad.


With a huge passion for mountain biking, road riding and trail running; and having competed in many sporting events from Downhill and Enduro mountain bike racing, to Half Marathons and adventure racing - Sally understands the demands sports can place on your body, and uses this in-depth knowledge to help and treat her clients.


Qualifications include:

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