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Sally Trussler is a professional Sports Massage Therapist,
Personal Trainer & Master Running Coach in Bristol

The Benefits of Massage

Sports Massage

What will Sports Massage do for you? Find out here...

Running Biomechanics

Running Biomechanics

Got a running injury? Or want to learn how to run more efficiently?

Personal Training

Personal Training

Core mobility, Functional training & rehabilitation

With a great knowledge on how the body works and also a huge passion for maintaining and encouraging active lifestyles, Sally has a wide range of experience to meet your needs. Whether you have recently been injured or have a recurring injury, want to improve your fitness, lose a few pounds, improve performance in your sport (especially running or cycling) or just want to feel less stressed and have more energy – then give Sally a call to see how she can help you.

"I’ve had back problems for years, but I’ve improved massively since seeing Sally"

Sam Deane - Graphic Designer - Bristol

"Sally gave me some great advice on some exercises that would help improve my injury"

Rich Auden - MD of Lush Longboards - Bristol